Poll Gadget 1.0

Poll Gadget 1.0

Please use the new version Poll Gadget 2.0
Poll Gadget 1.0

This is a example screenshot.
You can add/remove votes, set the votes per participant, see/embed the result as a chart, see who voted and more...
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Gadget XML:http://wave.samuirai.de/poll.xml
Installer XML: http://wave.samuirai.de/install_poll.xml


here you can add options,
change the votes per participant,
reset the votes or the whole poll


here you can see the voting in diffrent charts.
Click on "embed the result" to finish the poll.
If you do so, you can't vote anymore but you see the poll result as a chart.

Technology / Credits

Google Wave Gadget API: Google Gadget Tutorial
Google Chart API: Chart API Overview

Poll Gadget 2.0 - YouTube

Watch this Video about my first Google Wave Gadget.