hide the poll - you can't see the result until you voted.
don't allow correction - you can't correct your voting.
share the poll - everyone can change the title, add options and edit settings.
anonym - nobody can see who voted (the Voter IDs will be decrypted saved)
votes per participant - how many votes each participant has
Deisgn (preview) - change the Design of the Gadget

You only can change the design in the Demo.
pie chart (3D) pie chart (2D)

This feature is not implemented in the Demo.
Choose a chart type, to see the voting in a diagram.
Poll Gadget 2.0
by Samuirai (Fabian Fäßler)

When there are any Questions, feel free to contact me ;)

visit the Homepage www.samuirai.de
WaveID: fabian.samuirai@googlewave.com
Email: gadgets@samuirai.de

This is a User Interface Demo for my Google Wave Poll Gadget 2.0
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